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Design & Technology is important. VERY important. Yet it remains a rather unknown and often unappreciated area of the school curriculum. Linking with several subjects including Maths and Science, it is the practical application of a number of curriculum areas.

Teaching students 'problem-solving', 'creativity', 'practical skills'; it equips students with the skills and attributes required to contribute positively to society.

The links between Design & Technology and industry are clear. Youth Made Singapore aims to bring these two together.

"Education and Industry working together to promote, nurture and celebrate Design & Manufacturing in Singapore"

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"Youth Made Singapore has the potential to energize the local D&T landscape and have students work on real-life projects that blend purpose with technical skills development. It will also shift the perception of D&T in Singapore from being a vocational endeavour to that of a 21st century problem solver"

Willson Deng



“The need for innovative, curious and experimentative talent has never been in greater demand especially for the manufacturing industry. Youth Made Singapore is a fantastic means of fostering this talent”

Conway Goh



“Design & Technology is a vital subject at school. It is the practical application of maths and science, and very much needed in the school curriculum for the next generation of  Designers, Architects, Digital Artists and Engineers”